Cloud Services ‘Increase Flexibility And Cut IT Costs’

Businesses using cloud services can improve their flexibility while reducing the amount they spend on their IT budget.

This is according to Sue Daley, head of programme for big data, cloud and mobile at Tech UK. Speaking to Business Reporter, she supported the use of cloud computing for small to medium-sized enterprises, saying it enables employees to work on the move, improving their accessibility and efficiency.

The IT expert stated that using the cloud allows businesses to benefit from a good computing infrastructure so they can use complex applications and services when they need it.

“The financial flexibility of cloud services means companies are gaining operational efficiencies whilst reducing their IT expenditure,” Ms Daley explained.

As a result of cloud computing, staff can access data, programmes and files wherever they are, whether they use a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Ms Daley went on to say cloud computing is definitely here to stay, adding that it is “fundamental to the next wave of digital development”.

As businesses use an increasing amount of data, only the cloud will be able to offer adequate storage facilities for this.

This explains why IDC Research recently showed public cloud infrastructure sales increased by 25.5 per cent during the first three months of 2015, CloudPro reported.

The findings also revealed one-third of IT budgets was spent on cloud computing, going on to predict expenditure on public cloud IT services would be greater than $127 billion (£82.63 billion) by 2018.

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Cloud Services ‘Increase Flexibility And Cut IT Costs’
Cloud Services ‘Increase Flexibility And Cut IT Costs’.

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