Shadow IT Services ‘At Risk Of Cyber Attacks’

Cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive are vulnerable to exploitation and data can be accessed from such services without the need to crack passwords or usernames.

This is according to new research from Imperva, which indicates that if hackers are able to gain access to someone’s authentication token, they will be able to steal information or send ransomware or malware their way, V3 reports.

“Since we have found evidence of [man-in-the-cloud cyber attacks] in the wild, organisations that rely on protecting against infection through malicious code detection or command and control communication detection are at a serious risk,” chief technology officer at Imperva Amichai Shulman told the news source.

As the research states, it is very hard for people to recover their systems after an attack has been detected and they may even need to cancel their accounts and open another one if the worst does happen.

If your systems are hacked, you need to make sure that you have good disaster recovery plans in place to ensure guaranteed instant recovery. This is typically very complicated but if you have the right kind of architecture in place it makes it very simple – and can be very cost-effective.

Here at in The Cloud IT, we offer automated daily validation of the integrity of your system, guaranteed recovery time and fully recovery quickly after a loss, whether this be of a single server, loss of facilities or a complete network failure.

As a business, you can never be too careful with the data you store, so make sure you have the appropriate backup in place today.

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