Flexible Working ‘Would Improve Employee Attitudes To The Workplace’

Allowing your members of staff to work remotely and on their own time could do a lot to change their general attitudes about the workplace, with new research revealing that 25 per cent of employees believe any negative feelings they have about work would be negated by this.

The study from recruiter Adecco indicates that negative feelings associated with work have a real impact on people’s working lives, OnRec reports. Some 29 per cent of employees in the country get the Sunday dread each week, while 33 per cent would describe their workplace as unhappy.

When questioned about what would make them happier, one-quarter of workers said having a more supportive manager would help, while 48 per cent think a salary increase would make them happier.

Managing director at Adecco Alex Fleming said: “Overall, getting the blues is common but it is unacceptable for this to begin to affect quality of life and that co-workers feature amongst the causes of this feeling. Make sure you talk to your employer to alert them to any potential tensions in the office and discuss the things you could work on together to change about your workplace and working arrangements to ease those feelings of anxiety.”

Offering flexible working practices is easy if you make use of cloud solutions so that people can work from home. Moving your operations to the cloud has many benefits, such as increasing flexibility and cutting costs, as well as helping to keep your employees happy, so get in touch with us here at in the Cloud IT to find out more about it.

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