Remote Working: A Solution To Presenteeism?

One of the benefits of cloud solutions for your business is the ability to safely and securely access files and information while working remotely, meaning that staff no longer have to be in the office to be able to perform some aspects of their role, meaning a more effective remote working experience.

However, this development in workplace technology sits uncomfortably alongside the recent exploration of ‘presenteeism’ in management sciences. Presenteeism refers to workers putting in more hours than required of them in the office, often stemming from insecurity over their role, and sometimes more specifically to employees attending work when sick.

Recent research from Canada Life Group insurance found that 89 per cent of workers had attended work despite being too ill. Listed in their reasons for continuing to go into the office was fear of recrimination over job insecurity and what other staff would think, as well as feeling their workload would not allow time off.

A happy and healthy workforce is something most companies strive for, so these cases of presenteeism isn’t ideal – with evidence suggesting that an employee’s output quality falls when ill, as well as the chance of infecting other members of the workforce.

The solution is undoubtedly a shift in how sickness absences are regarded by management, and how employees perceive this to be regarded too. However, could remote working from cloud computing services perhaps help to assuage some instances of presenteeism?

Creating a work culture that encourages some time spent away from the office may just influence the next generation of the workplace, meaning occasional work-from-home days become even more common.

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