City Councils ‘Not Testing Disaster Recovery Plans’

Even though all city councils in the UK have implemented IT disaster recovery plans, many appear to be failing in testing how effective they are.

This is according to new research from Databarracks, reported on by the Public Sector Executive, which found that nearly 40 per cent of local authorities have not tested their plans in the last year.

The company’s managing director Peter Groucott advised councils to ensure that their plans are updated whenever something changes in their organisation – advice that businesses around the country may also like to take to heart.

If you fail to test your plans on a regular basis, you cannot run your business safe in the knowledge that if something does happen you have the systems in place to offer you the greatest amount of protection.

With an effective cloud backup and disaster recovery plan, you’ll be able to get yourself back up and running a lot quicker and also reduce your network downtime. You’ll also be able to keep copies of all your important data and information securely online so that if something does happen, everything can be restored in next to no time.

If you come on board with us here at in the Cloud IT, you’ll find that we work to take automated daily validation of the integrity of your system, so a clean reboot of the system can be done as and when required.

In addition, all systems will be fully recovered very quickly after any particular loss, whether it’s a loss of facilities, complete network failure or just the loss of a single server.

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