Lack Of IT Support Puts CEOs Off Cloud Computing

Many CEOs who have chosen cloud solutions are unhappy with the level of IT support they receive for their company.

A recent survey of 200 UK CIOs commissioned by ElasticHosts showed that while 93 per cent of companies are now using cloud technologies, over three quarters feel that the change has led to a decline in service and support, Computer Weekly reported.

This was blamed on a number of aspects of customer service including slow response time when they did have IT queries and low levels of understanding of technical issues by call staff they were put through to when they did have queries.

Automated phone systems were also very unpopular with companies who feel they should be receiving better support for the services they are paying for.

Many of these difficulties could be to do with the misconception that using cloud services would reduce the burden on company’s IT departments. However, there was still a lot of support required by many of the companies who chose cloud services. This should be provided by technologically savvy engineers rather than call handlers, the results of the survey recommended.

If you or your company is looking for cloud solutions to reduce the need for in-house IT but wants to ensure that you get high levels of support with up to date and flexible solutions, then consider us for your needs.

When you have identified your issues and let us know what annoys you most about your current set up then speak to us and we can identify the best solution to help your business grow.

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