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Microsoft Small Business Server to Hosted Desktop

Fixed cost migration from Microsoft Small Business Server to a hosted desktop infrastructure.

microsoft small business server (SBS) to hosted desktop migration services

Microsoft has decided to end its support for Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 from July 2015. This means that thousands of UK businesses will be faced with huge productivity and security risks unless their systems are converted to a modern operating system.

Hosted desktop migration gives you a fixed cost, fixed outcome solution to the complex and time-consuming challenge of migration and integration of legacy systems. With a future-proof hosted desktop environment provides additional security, flexibility and mobility whilst allowing seamless integration with existing email and business applications.

For many organisations, the expense, complexity and risk of migrating their IT systems is a serious threat to their business.

Changing from Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 is a problem because it is:

  • Risky – loss of business critical data and/or systems can severely impact your reputation, productivity and bottom line.
  • Important – your business relies on its IT systems to operate efficiently, to grow and to respond to future demands.
  • Complicated – migration of software, data, applications and email is a highly specialised and often a difficult process to get right. Migration failure rates of nearly 40% are now common place.
  • With a fixed outcome, fixed cost solution to the time consuming and complex problem of migration and integration of legacy systems all the ‘IT headaches’ can be avoided.
  • A future-proof hosted desktop environment provides additional, flexibility, mobility and security, whilst allowing seamless integration with existing business applications and email.

A migration service can provide a comprehensive transfer from Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 to a hosted desktop environment concentrating on:

  • Database pre-migration checks.
  • User auditing.
  • Group policy planning.
  • Data archiving planning.
  • System design and build.
  • Application integration.
  • Mailbox migration.
  • Testing and deployment.

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