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How Much Cloud Storage Space Do You Need?

Businesses looking for cloud storage will inevitably ask themselves at some stage: how much storage space do we actually need?

Cloud storage solutions give you the option to expand your storage space as you grow, however, it is important to start up with enough space to avoid the trouble of having to upgrade at short notice.

Documents such as presentations, graphics, logos, audios, emails and spreadsheets are essential to most companies, and take up a lot of space. Similarly, so do the applications that run to protect the information that you own.

You need to consider:

  1. What you need to be able to store for legal reasons
  2. What you need to be able to store for practical purposes

Considering legal reasons for saving data and documents, this will depend on the laws in the areas you operate in. In this country for example it is important to keep documents relating to finance and tax for three years though many organisations prefer to keep them for five.

With regards to practical purposes, increasing demand for video, graphics and audio information means that many businesses storage demands are increasing exponentially. Along with increased need for extra vigilant backups run by large security applications, and ever growing space requirements for the increasingly complex new operating systems that we need to upgrade to in order to keep those security systems valid, every one needs more space according to

Speak to us about your requirements so we can decide what the best storage system for your organisation is.

Article Name
How Much Cloud Storage Space Do You Need?
How Much Cloud Storage Space Do You Need?

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